One thing I always wanted to learn how to do is design really cool infographics. I know it’s kind of nerdy but a girl can dream right? Today in my multimedia lecture class,  Jonathon Berlin, Graphics Editor at The Chicago Tribune spoke how fun and exciting infographics can be and what better way to tell a … Continue reading

Mobile Journalism

Just my luck! Of all the days to wake up late I had to pick an important day. Yesterday, I had an assignment to go out around campus between 9:30am and 10:45am to find a story and write a blog and take pictures using my iphone and of course I was late to class. So … Continue reading

What is WRC

Wellness Resource Center or WRC year-long uses wellness approaches to reach MU students to support healthy decision making. Nationally ranked 17 times of the existing 21 years. Right now the WRC is prepping to go to Meeting of the Minds conference were peers, professionals and law enforcement will be attending for training on student wellness … Continue reading

Post Spring Break

Last week was the infamous college Spring Break and while most students went to a nice sunny beach I was home with population 367 people. Though it was relaxing to sleep in for once I still had school on my mind (what a bummer). Anyways, now that its crunch time at the Zou students all … Continue reading


Ever since I could remember as a little girl I always dreamed of becoming the next academy award winner. As I grew up I realized that was not so realistic, but what was is the dream to catch peoples reaction through media. For the past seven weeks, I was taught how to use camera and to … Continue reading


This week has been fun-filled with multitudes of projects. For J2150, I have a TV news video assignment due that should include two interviews, B-roll, scripts, etc. My 7-week topic has been on Mizzou Army and different angles on how they prepare mentally and physically. So far, I’ve covered physical training, in class work, the uniform, and what its like … Continue reading


I like to think of myself as an overachiever. During the school week, I am busy from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. everyday. That is longer than an average job day, which makes me think if it’s all worth it. Thinking these thoughts only encourage me to be more involved and work harder for everything … Continue reading

All the things journalist do…

When Keith Politte discussed how the media industry is a changing revolution, I was like, “No kidding, welcome to the 21st Century,” but then he showed us what the world is really like with new advances in technology, specifically for journalist. My mind was blown away! After watching the aurasma video, I took it upon … Continue reading


Any advertisements catch your eye lately? Yea, me either, not in real life anyway. There is always a creative advertisement on television and even more on billboards, sidewalks and buses. Advertising companies are getting more creative as our economy is getting more advanced. For one, Guerrilla Advertising has put up so many mind-boggling ads I … Continue reading

Not so easy after all…

It shocked me to know that a Grammy award-winning piece of journalism begins with a 90-year-old Wal-Mart greeter. After weeks of watching multimedia journalism and hearing what it takes to make a great story I realized it’s not so easy after all. I saw on Facebook a couple of days ago one of those career … Continue reading