Any advertisements catch your eye lately? Yea, me either, not in real life anyway.

There is always a creative advertisement on television and even more on billboards, sidewalks and buses. Advertising companies are getting more creative as our economy is getting more advanced. For one, Guerrilla Advertising has put up so many mind-boggling ads I was amazed as how they came up with the idea.

In lecture this week we talked about how advertising is a dangerous game. If your not careful, Photoshop CAN get you fired. There are so many ads I see in magazines where the models are photoshoped to the extreme and young women and children everywhere get this mentality of how women should look like. Not cool! I could never work for an advertising company that portrays women the size of a stick. Model photoshoped

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be in advertisement, getting to create this amazing piece of art for all to see and sell a message. Then again, I don’t think I am creative enough to come up with ideas like Guerrilla did.

I came across another article on in how a photographer in London was fired about altering an image of burning buildings. One thing I have learned from professors constantly repeating not to alter or plagiarize and witnessing real journalist getting fired I for one will always stay true to the facts and images.

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